12d Synergy SQL query – report on Published Files (updated 2016-07-14)

12d synergy publishing is a powerful collaboration tool where users can share data with external parties.  IT professionals and managers might seek to monitor published files when trying to free up server disk space.  Published links that may no longer be actively used or have no expiry date could be deleted.  Users may wish to search for all files that they have published to monitor their use by external parties. 

These SQL queries are examples of database tables and their relationships and may be used to develop SQL reporting to files, on demand or on schedule.   Warning, SQL server knowledge is required!
Following reports are available:

  • All published files.
  • Files downloaded within last 30 days.
  • All Active files only.
  • Active files within last 60 days.
  • Files over 60-days-old and still active.
  • Files over 1-year-old and still active.

All reports include, number of downloads, job and file links as well as dates, description and user/file names.
To download all 6 SQL query files Click here

To download query that includes published packages Click here  (updated 2016-07-14)

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Deploying 12d Model configuration files hosted in 12d Synergy

12d Synergy allows for multiple ways to access configuration files for 12d Model surveying and civil engineering software.  The method discussed here involves data download at client side to a local drive.  The other methods may include server side push to a network location, direct access or local project storage.  
Data download to local client drive utilizes 12d Synergy Command-line tool and 'robocopy' mirror tool to copy data to a specified local drive location.

For example, if the configuration User/User_lib folders are stored in 12d Synergy
      job called: 12dModelCustoms
      folder: V11
      and you would like to copy this data to your local drive C:\12d\11.00

simply download and edit the CMD file, modify 4 variables (server name, job name, folder name and destination folder) and run the CMD file or include it in your computer start up folder to run it every time you log on.

This will ensure you have the latest copy of the 12d Model configuration every day.

Very little IT knowledge is required for deploying 12d Model configuration files, however, you might want to check if this process meets your company policies and standards.  You may also use these batch files as an example of how to copy specific folders to local drives.
To download 12d Synergy v2 specific batch file  Click here

To download 12d Synergy v3 specific batch file  Click here

Free 12d Synergy documents, APIs, Scripts, SQL queries and batch files

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