• Christchurch City Council – Construction Standards Specification - Camber Table SD623

This snippet will insert a camber profile between specified strings.  The profile is saved in separate model allowing for the labelling of standard cross fall on cross sections.  Additionally, strings are created at the required intervals to be included in final design (TIN) triangulation.  Such TIN can be used in DNE drainage design to ensure pit lids snap to the correct elevation.  Check the SD623 requirements and do not apply over super elevated cross fall.  Advanced snippet includes pavement layers and geo-synthetics areas.

Click here to download CCC SD623 Advanced snippet
Click here to download CCC SD623 snippet

Downloads  (15/02/2017)

  • Basic Road Template snippet

Ideal for concepts, simply pick what elements to include such as number of lanes, kerb block type, berm/verge and footpath.  Trimesh shape is generated for kerb block only.  All names and dimensions are preset. We have used urban road minimum standards, but you can modify width, cross fall or height of any link using standard MTF commands.

Click here to download Auckland Transport snippet

Click here to download Brisbane CC snippet

Click here to download CCC snippet

  • Advanced Road Template snippet

Ideal as a starting point for detailed design. Includes same elements as the Basic

snippet and extras such as final cut/fill and Trimesh shapes for all elements and

kerb subgrade trimesh.

Click here to download Advanced AT snippet

Click here to download Advanced BCC snippet
Click here to download Advanced CCC snippet

  • Road Template snippet with standard kerb blocks for NSW and Brisbane. Complete with trimesh shapes and subgrade blocks.  CCC and AT Snippets are available for download below.
  • Bus bay snippet with standard kerb blocks transitions from template with subgrade and trimesh shape.
  • Parking bay snippet with square, linear and reverse curve transition as well as standard kerb blocks from template with subgrade and trimesh shape.    
  • Final cut and fill snippet.
  • Improved 3-layer subgrade and pavement snippet.
  • Transition between kerb blocks over specified distance.
  • All with predefined naming convention to ensure seamless change between snippets.
  • CCC Camber snippet

FREE 12d Model MTF snippets  (updated  9/07/2017)

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  • Improved 3-layer sub-grade and pavement snippet

This snippet includes standard pavement layers between two points. Start link may be Reference String or any other link.  Each layer is optional and may be left blank or set at zero depth.  Depth value is unsigned number and the snippet will automatically ensure it is correctly applied. Hence -0.2m is the same as 0.2m and geo-synthetics areas may be inserted between sub-grade layers.

Click here to download Insert ADV Pavement snippet

  • Final Cut Fill Template

This snippet inserts Final slope to design TIN, in cut or fill for specified distance. Identical to Templates Final Cut Fill strings.

Click here to download Final CutFill snippet