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Read LandOnLine XML files MK II - v5 updated 2018-10-15

LandOnLine XML files read into 12d are generally split into three types of models, CGPoints, Parcels and Observations.

Observations are divided into models based on the vector purpose, boundary or non-boundary and if it is non-boundary further divided into adopted, calculated and measured models.  If you don’t wish to split the original DPs/SO models simply make part of the chain inactive.

This chain also showcases attribute manipulator tool as a pre-process to simplify chain processes and mapping of data.The two main benefits are abuttal lines can be used from the observation vectors where no duplicates exist for boundaries. There are no duplicates for lot labels due to the use of attribute manipulator.

LandOnLine XML files read into 12d are generally split into three types of models, CGPoints, Parcels and Observations. 

This mapping file further splits each type into multiple models based on XML attributes.

CGPoints are divided into PRMs, Witness and Low order marks.

Parcels are divided into Easements, Lots and Road, while Lots are further divided into solid or dashed line work and labelled.Observations are divided into plan numbers grouped in 1000s of DP/SO numbers.  Some users prefer to see observations divided by their type or purpose.  For this reason, another alternative chain is available below.